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Ship Spares Clearance & Delivery

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Ship Spares Clearance & Delivery
Services in Sri Lanka


Ceyline Maritime specializes in handling and clearing ship spares arriving through Airfreight or Sea Freight. We ensure the perfect transfer to the relevant vessels with advanced technology and professionally experienced handling staff.

Ceyline Maritime has earned a reputation for its speedy, reliable, and efficient clearances and deliveries of urgent ship spare parts to vessels calling all ports in Sri Lanka. As a result, many major ship owners, ship management companies, shipbuilders, and manufacturers trust Ceyline Maritime to get their goods delivered to the vessel in time.

Whether it is a critical spare part delivery or simply a case of meeting a delivery deadline, Ceyline offers pre-clearance of imported merchandise. Air and sea freight consignments of spares marked as spares “in transit” are delivered directly to the vessel 24/7 every day of the year.

Our 24/7 Door to Deck Logistics Support Service offers the following services

  • PO Collection / Consolidation / Freight Forwarding
  • Seamless door to door import or export of ship spares
  • Return of spares for repair/warranty issues
  • Electronic In-Bond Clearance
  • Coordination with Charterers / Owners Agent for Vessel Arrival
  • Bonded Transport to Vessel / Launch
  • 24/7 ACE Manifesting / Clearance Services
Ship Spares Clearance & Delivery Services in Sri Lanka

Ceyline Maritime’s clearance department happily provides customs services, clearance services, onboarding, and forwarding for clients who require these services for their transit shipments at all Sri Lankan ports. Ceyline Maritime coordinates the delivery of critical spares directly to the vessel, including the last mile, customs clearance, and transportation. In addition, through our freight forwarding dept., we manage a global network of suppliers to collect, consolidate, and forward critical spares and equipment.

Sometimes the only option is for goods to be hand-carried onboard an aircraft or a charter. Not always as simple as it may first appear, Ceyline Maritime can help ensure that your goods not only make the flight but equally as important, clear Customs upon arrival before effecting delivery to you or your client.

We also have an infrastructure set up for the forwarding of landed goods from vessels. Arrangements can be made for air or sea freight of landed spares to destinations all over the world. In addition, through our strategic locations in Hambantota & Galle, Sri Lanka, we can provide transshipments services for urgent ship spares coming from Europe to Vessels in Sri Lankan waters.

We ensure that ship spares will be delivered onboard inside the Port, at anchorage, and off port limits within 24 hours. Our team at Colombo Airport (BIA) 24×7 is on standby for efficient logistics services.

Whether your “ship spares in-transit” arrive by sea or air transport, with advance notice, our team of professionals is well equipped to make speedy customs clearance and delivery to your vessel at any port in Sri Lanka. We will arrange to expedite the return of spares from your vessel to a supplier or another vessel worldwide. While we do have many freight options, to the benefit of our customers, our logistics solution for “ship spares in transit” is designed to match the customer’s delivery requirements in terms of urgency and cost-efficiency for each shipment.

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Maritime Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ports under Sri Lanka Ports Authority?

Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) is the state-owned operator of major commercial ports in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1979, SLPA currently operates ports in Colombo, Galle, Hambantota, Kankesanthurai, Oluvil, Point Pedro, and Trincomalee.

Is Sri Lanka now Open for foreign national crew changes?

Yes. Sri Lanka is now open for a foreign national crew change with the assistance and preview of the Sri Lankan government and PPP. (Private Public Partnership) Vessels arriving in Sri Lanka after cargo discharged/load or bunkering at any seaport in India are allowed for a crew change.

However, if any vessel entering after embarking Seafarers in India, then crew disembarkation in Sri Lanka will not be permitted.

All seafarers can arrive or depart only via charter flights, and foreign crew embarkation & disembarkation via commercial flights are still NOT permitted in Sri Lanka.

All seafarers must carry out PCR tests at the respective Isolation Centers (ICs) on arrival and be permitted to leave to join ship or flight only after receiving a negative PCR report.

No Shore Passes will be issued.

Are there any restrictions on the crew who embarked from COVID -19 high-risk countries or specific nationalities?

Unfortunately, commercial flights are yet to commence from Sri Lanka. Special Charter flights are operating from Manila / Doha to and from Sri Lanka, allowing the seafarer movement.

Are commercial flights available to / from Sri Lanka?

Unfortunately commercial flights are yet to be operated from , to Sri Lanka. Special Charter flights are operating from, to Manila / Doha to, from Sri Lanka allowing the seafarer movement.

Can Provisions supply be arranged in Sri Lanka at any port?

Yes. All ports and OPL in Colombo, Trincomalee, Hambantota, and Galle Port

What are the Ports where CMS Operates?

All major ports in Sri Lanka. Colombo, Galle, Trincomalee and Hambantota.